Who are the players and what are they doing (according to them) in the Transition Process?

The Interim Time – Space is held open in which the congregation listens deeply to God, reflects honestly
on history and context, asks questions, interprets learning and discerns new actions; leveraging change that is already happening for the sake of renewed focus and energy toward God’s purpose in the world.

The Transition Team – Our purpose as a Transition Team is to understand who we were as a church and who we are now. Gathering your thoughts, feelings, and ideas are important as God leads us in our search for a new pastor. Please share your thoughts with any member of the Transition Team, with Pastor Julie on her Zoom listening sessions, in the library during Lent, or with post-it notes on the board in the narthex. All voices are welcome!

The Interim Pastor will work to provide structures to help this congregation prepare for new rostered leadership (pastors, deacons) through self-reflection, identification of issues facing the congregation, lay leadership development and strengthening of ties to the larger church. This will happen by working with a Transition Team and through teaching, preaching, listening, praying, policy work, relationships, retreats and activities as decided by the Team.

Things that have happened and are happening at Holy Shepherd (as of March 14, 2022):

  • Coffee with the Interim Pastor
  • Monthly Listening Sessions
  • Adult Classes on Healthy Habits for a Congregation
  • Formation of a Transition Team and bi-monthly meetings
  • Retreats with Council – Governance and Leadership
  • Staff – Purpose and Support
  • Notes being collected on experiences in this Congregation
  • Prayer Room during Lent
  • Lent Question Board- glimpses of faith
  • Communication on the Process

Things that will happen (as of March 14, 2022):

  • Bridge Pastor hired to complement Interim Pastor (Council)
  • Constitution Revised (Council/ Task Force)
  • Personnel and Treasure positions re-evaluated (Council/ Task Force)
  • Intensive Listening activities decided by the Transition Team
  • Church Becoming discussion
  • List of Questions to be answered
  • All-Leadership Retreat
  • Job Descriptions re-written (Interim and Staff)
  • Decisions on Staffing structure
  • A Ministry Site Profile re-visited and completed
  • A Transition Team Report
  • A Call Committee Formed
  • The Call process entered in late summer


Transition Team Questions and Answers

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