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Call Committee Team:
Jackie Johnson, Kevin Klinkerfues, Co-chairs
Denise Ikenberry
Bonnie Yockstick
Pat Mohrbacher
Hans Hanson
Joan Meister-Bridges
Shirley Bradsby


Thanks to all who participated in the Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday. With one hundred and twenty nine members voting, 99% voted to call Courtney Steitz to be the new co-Pastor of Community Engagement!

Your presence was uplifting and an encouragement to Council, Call Committee, Transition Team, Pastors & Staff as Holy Shepherd begins to step into the next chapter of its life and ministry. We continue to be grateful for this amazing congregation and our shared vision and ministry in the surrounding community!

And thanks be to God for such a place and such a people called “Holy Shepherd”!

Jamie Malone
President of the Council of Holy Shepherd

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