Pastor Kari Reiquam, Bridge Pastor

Who is Kari?

Kari arrived at Holy Shepherd on March 1, 2018 to serve as pastor in the “in-between” time. Pastor Rick Thompson retired in December 2017. The congregation is taking some time to rest , reflect and reevaluate its mission and ministry before it calls another pastor. Kari is serving as Head of Staff and Transitional Ministry Pastor in this opportune time.

Kari is a Colorado native. In-fact, she is from Lakewood! It is a weird and wonderful experience to be back in a familiar place and see it with new eyes! Kari has lived a few places in the meantime. She has served as a pastor since 1979 and has had a variety of positions in parish ministry as well as chaplaincy and has lived and served in Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Hawaii as well as various areas of Colorado.

Kari and her husband Bryan have lived in Dillon, Colorado for 20 years. He is recently retired as a Psychologist and is taking time to get even more deeply acquainted with the fish he can catch on a fly! Kari loves hiking and skiing as well as reading and traveling. Kari and Bryan’s two children, Siri and Annelise, live nearby and they enjoy family time at art galleries as well as “making beautiful things” together.

Kari has loved her work in parish ministry, enjoying opportunities to build community as well as work in the arts. Holy Shepherd is her third Interim Ministry engagement . She enjoys this special time in congregational life that gives opportunity for a congregation to re-engage with its community and re-discover the old and new ways the Spirit is leading.